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Pop Up-Pop Out Texts

For Small Businesses by a Small Business!

This Texting Platform was created to connect Small Business Event Curators with their Small Business Supporters!

Choose your subscription

  • The Event Boss

    Every month
    We text our Supporters directly of Your upcoming Events!
    • The text includes your flyer, description, links, directions
    • Great for curators w 4 events/mo or less
    • Set it & done: Your events are added to our weekly queues!
  • Event + Vendor Boss

    Every month
    Event Boss + Vending opportunity alerts to potential vendors
    • Everything included w 'Event Boss' + Vending opportunities
    • The text includes flyer, description & how to reach you
    • Can be sent out as often as requested
  • Special Announcement

    For sale & giveaway alerts, seasonal events, less frequents
    • The text includes flyer, description, links, directions
    • Great for 1 Standalone text blast to our Supporters
    • Can be scheduled a couple days before your announcement
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